Sexy Handyman Service, Anyone?

A long, long time ago I blogged about my Sexy Handyman. (I am sorry the picture is gone now, it was on the server where Serendipity used to be hosted. I will have to see if I can find and repair that.)

For a very long time if you Googled 'Sexy Handyman'  my blog was the post that would pop up as the #1 result on the search engine, prompting lots of joking about the fact that I was married to Google's #1 sexiest handyman. As time has gone by Google has dropped him to #8, but being married to the #8 sexiest handyman isn't something one should sneeze at!

In the re-vamping and resurrecting of Serendipity Mine I decided to check the forgotten e-mail that was linked to the blog for people to contact me. Apparently, back in August 2013 I received an inquiry as to whether this would be a decent basis for a business:

Chris? Correct?
My name is Mr. Curious (I have changed his name). I was searching the web for possible info on a business idea I had when I came across your blog. My question: would there be a market for a Sexy Handyman Service?
Now ...the guys would actually need to know how to do fix it work and not just be a "walking penis with a tool belt". (Sorry for the bluntness)
I had thought of this idea many years ago, but being married, it didn't go over well. Time has taken care of that.
My thought would be:
A set charge for any job discussed over the phone or at a quote visit. If there is extracurricular time involved, that would be charged out as if it were "after hours". Such as double rate.
I almost went and did security for a Sexy Maide Service, but ended up working for a very large Gentleman's Club instead. I'm now too old to turn heads as all you ladies seem to be Cougars! I would just handle quotes and do paperwork. But, to show you who I am, I'll slip a couple pics. Be honest..maybe I'm too critical of myself.
If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them and will respect them too.
Thank you,
Mr. Curious 

Well, Mr. Curious I am currently very happy with Google's #8 Sexiest handyman. However, in the interest of fairness to all those out there whom do not have such luck..I will re-post your offer on my blog and let the world decide if your services would be warranted (minus the pics of course..and thank you for only sending G rated ones).



Jen Murray said...

Um.. extracurricular time? Charged as after hours pay? Isn't that prostitution? lol!

Serendipity Mine said...

Hmm.....maybe just a spin on a new ceiling fan or leaky faucet fixed! Lmao ;)